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Phalanx Digital Solutions was formed to provide digital services at an affordable rate to small businesses.


What does this mean? If you have ever delved into the world of web development, you understand it is a daunting task for small business owners and commonplace for final price tags to reach well into and even exceed the $4000+ range. Our selling point is that our prices start in the $500+ range. This gives small businesses and owners the opportunity to obtain a must have website in today's digital age at a rate that won't break the bank, but is still aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.


We are a veteran owned and operated consulting agency with a focus on providing you digital solutions in a constantly evolving marketplace. We cater to any industry and have covered many sectors such as residential construction, temp agencies, automobile detailing, wholesale distribution, welding, fishing charters and hunting dog training.

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Our wide range of professional services will meet all of your needs. Our staff at Phalanx Digital Solutions is in the business of thinking outside of the box, and bringing new and creativite strategies into the mix. Our services are designed to benefit each and every one of our clients in a personal manner. We can do it all, and we can do it for you!


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The latest technology trends could be the key to getting your company through a growth phase with ease. Let our team integrate this technology into your operations so you can focus on running your business.


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